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    COScience is a Québec City based Indie Game Studio

    Its founder, Jérémie Beaulieu-Perrier, is a bona fide science geek. So what is the best way to spread the love of science he asked himself? Through entertainment of course, answered his other self who came from the future to eat his peanut butter! Soon, others joined in on his dream and Machiavellian plan to conquer the World and become the master of the Universe by making everyone love science, HA! HA! HA!

    Well, hum, we like to aim high.


    COScience aims to popularize and advance science through entertainment. It's that simple!


    META() is a construction game based on physics, engineering and science.


    Meta comes from Greek and means a concept that encompasses another concept or self-referential. In the video game field, META is also an acronym for "Most Effective Tactic Available". In programming, the parentheses after a word identify any function (a block of code made to accomplish an objective).

    META() = Most Effective Tactic Available (to save humanity)


    In the 22nd century, the earth's resources are depleted. In order to ensure the survival of humanity, scientists have created a super computer, based on the concept of the Matryoshka brain, where most of humanity now resides in virtual reality. To prevent this apocalyptic future, the world's greatest thinkers have created a project called META() to send a message in the past containing the idea of ​​developing a meta-game. This allows to recreate virtual simulations to the problems of the future survival of humanity. META() mobilizes all creative people, scientists and engineers on Earth working to find solutions to secure the future of our blue planet.


    In the META universe (), players will be subjected to several tests that they will have to solve, using their creativity and ingenuity to build mechanisms and structures. This world is built to foster communication, cooperation and the learning of science, with the aim of creating a community of players who will help and learn from each other. The players will be able to observe the science (mechanics, physics, dynamics) of their constructions, in real time, via the game's dashboard.


    We will get back to you as soon as we come back from travelling through time and space. Promise!

    Québec City, Canada